Three words – Bread.Butter.Cheese.

In a unique twist on the New Business of the Week, I want to feature the hottest, newest, underground restaurant/food delivery service in Manhattan – “Bread.Butter.Cheese.”  (Phone number is 917.727.6643)  If you can’t tell what the cuisine is by the name, it’s the new-school Grilled Cheese sandwich! 

Started by a young upstart chef (and actually one of my good friends from College), each day there is a new type of Grilled Cheese that he hand delivers throughout the area.  Although he is based in the East Village, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Union Square.  Check out a couple pictures of “the goods”…

Bread.Butter.Cheese. is delicious – I can attest to it!  If you want to try it, just give him a call at 917.727.6643 and check out his facebook page, which is where he outlines the sandwich of the day (!/breadbuttercheese?ref=ts)

Here’s an article that highlighted Bread.Butter.Cheese. recently also:

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One Response to Three words – Bread.Butter.Cheese.

  1. Bread.Butter.Cheese is amazing! Every time I’m in Union Square I eat there (without fail)! My favorite is the bacon mac and cheese sandwich….so bad but soooo good.

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